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For a chemical reaction A ® B, the rate of the reaction is 2 ´ 10-3 mol dm-3 s-1, when the initial concentration is 0.05 mol dm-3. The rate of the same reaction is 1.6 ´ 10-2 mol dm-3 s-1when the i
The gas phase reaction 2A B is carried out in an isothermal plug flow reactor. The feed consists of 80 mole % A and 20 mole % inerts. If the conversion of A at the reactor exit is 50%, then CA/CA0 at
An isothermal liquid phase zero order reaction A --> B (k = 0.5 mol/m3 -s) is carried out in a batch reactor. The initial concentration of A is 2 mol/m3. At 3 seconds from the start of the reaction, t
A butane isomerisation process produces 70 kmole/hr of pure isobutane. A purge stream removed continuously, contains 85% n-butane and 15% impurity (mole%). The feed stream is n-butane containing 1% im
An isothermal aqueous phase reversible reaction, P R, is to be carried out in a mixed flow reactor. The reaction rate in k.mole/m3 .h is given by, r = 0.5CP - 0.125CR. A stream containing only P enter

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