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Cephalosporin an antibiotic closely related to penicillin in structure and antibiotic activity are produced by species of
Where did Darwin observe closely related species of finches and closely related species of tortorises
The antibiotic penicillin is a small molecule that does not induce antibody formation. However, penicillin binds to serum proteins and forms a complex that in some people induces antibody formation re
Which of the following cephalosporin is more active than penicillin against various species of Salmonella
An "International Unit" of penicillin activity established in 1944 is amount of penicillin equivalent to
Antibiotic cephalosporin is classified as broad spectrum
Antibiotic called penicillin is produced from fungus called
Bacitracin, an antibiotic similar to penicillin, is produced by

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