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Statement: The taste of food contributes to the intake of nourishment which is essential for the survival of human beings. Assumptions Human beings take food for the enjoyment of its taste. Human
X is a director who has experience of 20 years on this basis X co. and taken him as a director. Can the X Co. say that the director X experience is company’s experience
Out of 135 applicants for a post, 60 are graduates and 80 have experience. What is the ratio of minimum to maximum numberof graduates having experience
Weeds not only use nutrients from the soil but are alsoIIIII. harmful for some organisms including human beings II. useful for the crops and harmful for human beings III. harmful to the crops and some
A substance which provide nourishment is called a
Statement: Should words like 'Smoking is injurious to health essentially appear on cigarette packs? Arguments Yes. It is a sort of brainwash to make the smokers realize that they are inhaling pois
Eagles catches its prey and enhance its survival by its sharp

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