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Umf is the minimum fluidisation velocity for a bed of particles. An increase in the superficial gas velocity from 2 Umf to 2.5 Umf results in (all velocities are smaller than the entrainment velocity
A 0.5 m high bed made up of a 1 mm dia glass sphere (density 2500 kg/m3 ) is to be fluidised by water (density 1000 kg/m3 ). If at the point of incipient fluidisation, the bed voidage is 40%, the pres
Bed pressure drop in an air fluidised bed of catalyst particles (ρp = 200 kg/m3, Dp = 0.05 cm) of 60 cm bed depth and bed porosity of 0.5 expressed in cm of water (manometer) is
When larger particles e.g., grains are subjected to fluidisation, the corresponding bed produced is termed as the __________ bed
For liquid flow through a packed bed, the superficial velocity as compared to average velocity through the channel in the bed is

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