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Consider the following statements:The klystron and travelling wave tube differ from each other, In TWT the microwave circuit is non- resonant.In klystron the microwave circuit is resonant.TWT uses att
Consider the following statements Bunching of electrons occurs in two cavity klystron amplifier.Bunching of electrons occurs in multi cavity klystron amplifier.Bunching of electrons occurs in reflex c
Read the following statements about TWT It uses thermionic emission.It uses an attenuater.It is inherently a resonant device.It has broad bandwidth. Which of the above are correct
Assertion (A): TWT uses a focussing mechanism to prevent the electron beam from spreading.Reason (R): In a TWT the electron beam has to travel a much longer distance than in klystron
Consider the following statements about 8085 The instruction LDA uses direct addressing mode.The instruction MVI uses direct addressing mode.The instruction MVI uses immediate addressing mode.The inst
A tube of length L and radius R is joined to another tube of length L / 3 and radius R / 2 . A fluid is flowing through this tube. If the pressure difference across the first tube is P, then the press
Two trains of equal lengths are running at speeds of 30 kmph and 60 kmph. The two trains crossed each other in 30 seconds when travelling in opposite direction. In what time will they cross each other
Assertion (A): A parallel resonant circuit is also called anti-resonant circuit.Reason (R): In a parallel resonant circuit impedance is maximum at resonance
Which of the following is the major advantage of Travelling wave tube over Klystron

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