Statements: Some dogs arebats.
Some bats are cats


Some dogs arecats.

Some cats are dogs

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Statements: Some dogs are bats. Some bats are cats Conclusions: Some dogs are cats. Some cats are dogs
Statements:Some cats are not dogs.All cats are rats.No rat is pig.Conclusions:I. No cat is pig.II. Some cats are pigs.III. Some rats are not dogs.IV. All rats are dogs
Statements: Some dogs are rats  All rats are tree Some trees are not dogs  Conclusions: I. Some trees are dogs II. All dogs are trees III. All rats are dogs IV. All trees are Dogs
Statements:All dogs are cats.All cats are mice.All mice are pigs.Conclusions:I. All dogs are mice.II. Some mice are dogs.III. All pigs are cats
Statements: No door is dog. All the dogs are cats Conclusions: No door is cat. No cat is door. Some cats are dogs. All the cats are dogs
Statements: Some papers are cats. All cats are bats. No bat is horse. Conclusions: Some papers are horses. No horse is cat. Some bats are papers. All papers are bats
Statements:Some cats are dogs.All dogs are goats.All goats are walls.Conclusions:I. Some walls are dogs.II. Some walls are cats
Statements: Some dogs are rats. All rats are trees. Some trees are not dogs. Conclusions: Some trees are dogs. All dogs are trees. All rats are dogs. No tree is dog

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