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Assertion (A): In Fortran 77 the statement IMPLICIT INTEGER (A - E) identifies all variable name which begin with A, B, C, D, or E as being of integer type.Reason (R): IMPICIT statement in Fortran 77
Assertion (A): Negative values of incremental operator in DO loop are allowed in Fortran 77 but not in earlier versions of Fortran.Reason (R): Fortran 77 has better array facilities than earlier versi
Assertion (A): The variable name 5KING is not valid in Fortran 77.Reason (R): In Fortran 77 the first character of a variable name must be an alphabet
Consider the following in C Arithmetic operations can be performed on ints.Arithmetic operations can be performed on floats.Arithmetic operation can be performed on chars Which of the above are correc

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