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The coordinates of two end-points A and B traverse line AB are XA = 1000.00 m, YA = 1000.00 m XB = 2000.00 m, YB = 1000.00 m The bearing of the line AB will be
On the xy-coordinate plane, points A and B both lie on the circumference of a circle whose center is O, and the length of AB equals the circle\'s diameter. If the (x,y) coordinates of O are (2,1) and
In a closed theodolite traverse, the sum of the latitudes is + 5.080 m and the sum of the departures is -51.406 m. The sum of the traverse legs is 20.525 km. The accuracy of traverse is nearly equal t
A and B are two traverse stations free from local attraction errors. If the true bearing of a line AB is 89°, and the magnetic declination at point A is 1° West, then the magnetic bearing of the lin
There are ten instrument staions occupied in succession during a traverse survey. An observer makes equal error in each station, the magnitude of which is δ θ in each instance at all the stations. W
The difference between Fore Bearing and Back Bearing of a traverse line is
Six points are marked on a straight line and five points are marked on another line which is parallel to the first line. How many straight lines, including the first two, can be formed with these poin

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