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A soil deposit has three layers having same thickness each but the permeabilities of the layers are in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 4 from top to bottom. What is the ratio of average permeability in the horiz
Soil at a site consists of two layers. The top layer has permeability k units and bottom layer has permeability 5k units. If the thickness of both the layers is equal, then what is the average permeab
In a three-layered soil, water flows parallel to stratification. The thickness of the middle layer is twice that of top and bottom layer. The coefficient of permeability of middle layer (2K) is twice
A bed of sand consists of three horizontal layers of equal thickness. The value of Darcy's k for the upper and lower layers is 1 x 10-2 cm/sec and that for the middle layer is 1 x 10-1 cm/sec. The rat
Flow is taking place through a layered soil system, having two homogeneous soils M and N, as shown in the figure. The head lost in soil N is 20 times the head lost in soil M. If the permeability of s
A soil mass has coefficients of horizontal and vertical permeability as 9 x 10-7 cm/s and 4 x 10-7 cm/s, respectively. The transformed coefficient of permeability of an equivalent isotropic soil mass
For an anisotropic soil, permeabilities in x and y directions are kx and ky respectively in a two dimensional flow. The effective permeability keq for the soil is given by

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