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Statements: All branches are flowers. All flowers are leaves. Conclusions: All branches are leaves. All leaves are branches. All flowers are branches. Some leaves are branches
Statements All leaves are roots Some leaves are branches Conclusions I. some branches are not leaves. II. At least some roots are branches
Statements Some buds are leaves Some leaves are red Conclusions I. Some buds are red II. Some leaves are not buds
Statements: All doors are buses. All buses are leaves. No leaf is a flower. Conclusions: No flower is a door. No flower is a bus. Some leaves are doors. Some leaves are buses
Statements All jeans are trousers.Some shirts are not ties.No trousers shoes.All shoes are ties.Conclusions:I. Some shirts are not shoes.II. Some trousers are not ties.III. Some ties are jeans.IV. Som
Statements: All trees are flowers. No flower is fruit. All branches are fruits. Conclusions: Some branches are trees. No fruit is tree. No tree is branch
Statements:All whales are dolphins.All dolphins are sharks.Some sharks are not big.Conclusions:I. Some sharks are whales.II. All whales are sharks.III. Some whales are not big.IV. All whales are big

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