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The ture bearing of a line is 34° 20' 40"and the magnetic declination at the place of observation is 2° 00' 20" W on the date of observation. The magnetic bearing of the line is
In an old map, line PQ was drawn to a magnetic bearing of 6°32', the magnetic declination at that time being 1° East. The present magnetic declination is 9°42' East. The magnetic bearing to which t
A and B are two traverse stations free from local attraction errors. If the true bearing of a line AB is 89°, and the magnetic declination at point A is 1° West, then the magnetic bearing of the lin
The magnetic bearing of a line is 32° and the magnetic declination is 10° 15' W. The true bearing is
If the magnetic bearing of a line is 48°24' and magnetic declination is 5°38' East, then the true bearing is
Which of the following parameter in multiple counter plan defines the call date for the order in relation to the calculated planned date and thereby also the basic start date for the maintenance order
What is Madhav's birth date if his sister and mother both are right?I. Madhav's sister remembers that his birth date is before twentieth but after seventeenth.II. Madhav's mother remembers that his bi
Which of these is a method of class Date which is used to search weather object contains a date before the specified date

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