_________________ is the longest cell

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_________________ is the longest cell
A piece of string is 40 centimeters long. It is cut into three pieces. The longest piece is 3 times as long as the middle-sized piece and the shortest piece is 23 centimeters shorter than the longest
Duration along the critical path defines which of the following ?1. Shortest duration needed2. Shortest duration permissible3. Longest duration needed4. Longest duration permissibleSelect the correct
If an index is _________________ the metadata and statistics continue to exists
The _________________ enable us to pass data between a program and a class
A _________________ index is the one which satisfies all the columns requested in the query without performing further lookup into the clustered index
The marketing is the art of _________________
The degenerate eigenvalue of the matrix is (your answer should be an integer) _________________
We _________________ both Canadian

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