A force while acting on a body may

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When a net force act on a body, it produces acceleration in body in direction of net force which is directly proportional to net force acting on body and inversely proportional to its mass. This state
A force acting on a body of mass 7 kg produces an acceleration of 10 ms−2. acceleration that same force will produce in a body of mass 9 kg will be
Force acting upon a charged particle, kept between the charged pair of plates is F. If one of the plates is removed, force acting on the same particle will become
A force while acting on a body may
If P is the force acting on the body, m is the mass of the body and a is the acceleration of the body, then according to Newton's second law of motion,
If sum of clockwise moments acting on a body is equal to sum of anticlockwise moments acting on it, then body is
When a force acting on a body displaces it in direction of a force then

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