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Heat transfer co-efficient (h) for a fluid flowing inside a clean pipe is given by This is valid for the value of NRe equal to
For turbulent flow (NRe > 2100) of low viscosity fluid (μ > 20cp) in steel pipes, the optimum inside pipe diameter is given by(where, Q = fluid flow rate, ft3/sec.ρ = fluid density, lb/ft3 μ = flui
A fluid is flowing inside the inner tube of a double pipe heat exchanger with diameter 'd'. For a fixed mass flow rate, the tube side heat transfer co-efficient for turbulent flow conditions is propor
The overall heat transfer co-efficient for a shell and tube heat exchanger for clean surfaces is U0 = 400 W/m2.K. The fouling factor after one year of operation is found to be hd0 = 2000 W/m2.K. The o
The Sieder-Tate correlation for heat transfer in turbulent flow in pipe gives Nu α Re0.8, where, Nu is the Nusselt number and Re is the Reynolds number for the flow. Assuming that this relation is va
Friction factor for a hydraulically smooth pipe at NRe = 2100 is f1. If the pipe is further smoothened (i.e., roughness is reduced), the friction factor at the same value of NRe, will
For a laminar flow of fluid in a circular tube, 'h1' is the convective heat transfer co-efficient at velocity 'V1'. If the velocity is reduced by half and assuming the fluid properties are constant, t

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