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A single turn loop is situated in air, with a uniform magnetic field normal to its plane. The area of the loop is 5 m2 and the rate of change of flux density is 2 Wb/m2/s. What is the emf appearing at
An irregular closed loop carrying a current has such a shape that the entire loop cannot lie in a single plane. If this loop is placed in a uniform magnetic field, the force acting on the loop
The flux density is ___ when the magnetic flux is 9 µWb and the cross-sectional area of the magnetic field is 5 × 10–3 m2
How much flux is there in a magnetic field when its flux density is 5000 T and its cross-sectional area is 300 mm2
A coil is rotated in a uniform magnetic field about an axis perpendicular to the field. The emf induced in the coil would be maximum when the plane of coil is
In a two terminals network the O.C. voltage measured at the given terminals is 100 V and s.c., currents at the same terminals 5 A. If a load of 80 Ω resistance is connected at the terminals, load cur
Consider the following statements about loop antenna It is suitable for direction finding applicationIt is a single turn or multiturn coil carrying RF currentThe loop is surrounded by a magnetic field

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