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The time taken for gravity flow of a fixed volume of liquid (as in Redwood viscometer) is directly proportional to its
A uniform wire, fixed at its upper end, hangs vertically and supports a weight at its lower end. If its radius is r, its length L and Young s modulus for the material of the wire is E, the extension i
The orientation polarization is directly proportional to temperatureinversely proportional to temperatureinversely proportional to square of permanent dipole momentdirectly proportional to square of p
Assertion (A): In liquid system the ratio of change in liquid level to change in flow rate is called resistance of liquid flow.Reason (R): In liquid level systems the ratio of change in liquid stored
"The equilibrium value of the mole fraction of the gas dissolved in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas above the liquid surface". This statement pertaining to the so

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