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The largest consumer of refractories is the __________ industry
Statement: The integrated steel plants in India would no longer have to depend on imports for continuous casting refractories. Assumptions Continuous casting refractories are needed by India. Cont
Faster rate of drying of moulded refractories results in high __________ of refractories
The Consumer Rights Conference was organized inMarch, 2011 by National Consumer Disputes RedressalCommission in
Mcdonald provides colddrink to the consumer daily in a cylindrical glasses of radius 7 cm. If the glass is filled with Cocacola upto an height of 12 cm, find how many litres of cocacola is needed to
According to US EIA report  India will become third largest consumer of oil by
As per latest Report by the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) which country is the largest consumer and producer of Chickpeas in the world
Should Simons, a hardware company, enter the software industry?Arguments:I. Yes, if there is an indigenous software development wing, the Research and Development of hardware would be more effective.I

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