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Alcohol is dehydrated using __________ distillation
If 10lt solution of water and alcohol containing 10% alcohol is to be made 20% alcohol solution, find the volume of alcohol to be added
1 litre of water is added to 5 litres of alcohol – water solution containing 40 % alcohol strength. The strength of alcohol in the new solution will be
The molecular mass of ethyl alcohol is 46. The molality of a solution of ethyl alcohol in water containing 23.0 g of ethyl alcohol in 500 ml solution is
In a 40 litre mixture of alcohol & water, the ratio of alcohol and water is 5 : 3. If 20% of this mixture is taken out and the same amount of water is added then what will be the ratio of alcohol and
In 14lt mixture ratio of water to alcohol is 3:4 and half of the liquid is replaced by liquid with water to alcohol ratio 4:3, then resultant ratio of water to alcohol is
Absolute ethyl alcohol cannot be obtained by simple distillation of alcohol because
Wet chlorine gas produced during electrolysis of brine is dehydrated by
Vacuum maintained in the vacuum distillation tower of the crude distillation plant is about __________ mm Hg (absolute)
Denatured spirit is a mixture of ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol and which other thing

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