A FIFO ________

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FIFO is formed by an arrangement of ________
A FIFO ________
In FIFO page replacement algorithm, when a page must be replaced
The FIFO algorithm
Which collection class allows you to associate its elements with key values, and allows you to retrieve objects in FIFO (first-in, first-out) sequence
The rise time (tr) is the time it takes for a pulse to rise from its ________ point up to its ________ point. The fall time (tf) is the length of time it takes to fall from the ________ to the _______
When performing binary addition using the 2's-complement method, an ________ can occur if ________ are of the same ________; the error is indicated by a(n) ________
The device shown in below is a ________ and for the waveforms shown in the accompanying diagram, the ________ output at point X will be ________ and all others will be ________

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