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The bacterias which require free oxygen for their survival, are called
The bacterias which may survive with or without free oxygen, are called
Bacterias which can survive with or without free oxygen, are known
The amount of oxygen consumed by the aerobic bacterias which cause the aerobic biological decomposition of sewage, is known
The minimum dissolved oxygen content (ppm) in a river necessary for the survival of aquatic life is
For the survival of fish in a river stream, the minimum dissolved oxygen is prescribed
A 20491 cm─1 laser line was used to excite oxygen molecules (made of 16O only) to obtain the rotational Raman spectrum. The resulting rotational Raman spectrum of oxygen molecule has the first Stoke
Pure oxygen is mixed with air to produce an enriched air containing 50 volume % of oxygen. The ratio of moles of air to oxygen used is
Statement:Should government close down loss marking public sector enterprises?Arguments:I. No, all employees will lose their jobs, security and earning; what would they do?II. Yes, in a competitive wo

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