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A spillway of an irrigation project is to be studied by means of a model constructed to a scale of 1 : 9. The prototype discharge is 1000 m3/s. Neglecting the viscous and surface tension effects, the
A hydraulic model of a spillway is constructed with a scale 1 : 16. If the prototype discharge is 2048 cumec, then the corresponding discharge for which the model should be tested is
A river model is constructed to a horizontal scale of 1:1000 and a vertical scale of 1:100. A model discharge in the prototype, of what magnitude
The discharge per metre width at the foot of a spillway is 10 m3/s at a velocity of 20 m/s. A perfect free hydraulic jump will occur at the foot of the spillway when the tail water depth is approximat
In a certain code language, if Pen means Eraser, Eraser means Book, Book means Scale, Scale means Sharpener, Sharpener means Duster and Duster means Table, then what is the name of the object that is
A model of a weir made to a horizontal scale of 1/40 and vertical scale of 1/9 discharges 1 litre/sec. Then the discharge in the prototype is estimated as

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