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Addition of small amount of __________ to grey cast iron is done to produce nodular grey cast iron
A hare, pursued by a grey-hound is 20 of her own leaps ahead of him. While the hare takes 4 leaps, the grey-hound takes 3 leaps. 3 leaps of grey-hound is equal to 2 leaps of hare. In how many leaps wi
__________ of grey cast iron produces white cast iron
Carbon is present in the form of __________ in grey cast iron
White cast iron as compared to grey cast iron is
Statements: All fishes are grey in colour. Some fishes are heavy Conclusions         I.  All heavy fishes are grey in colour.                           II. All light fishes are n
Statements: All fishes are grey in colour. Some fishes are heavy. Conclusions All heavy fishes are grey in colour. All light fishes are not grey in colour
When carbon in the cast iron is principally in the form of graphite, the cast iron will be of
Which of the following pairs are correctly matched ?1. Alpha iron....non magnetic2. Beta iron....strongly magnetic3. Gamma iron....non-magnetic and capable of dissolving carbon.4. Delta iron....non-ma
Nodular cast iron is produced by adding __________ to the molten cast iron

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