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For turbulent flow (NRe > 2100) of low viscosity fluid (μ > 20cp) in steel pipes, the optimum inside pipe diameter is given by(where, Q = fluid flow rate, ft3/sec.ρ = fluid density, lb/ft3 μ = flui
Which of the following must be followed by the flow of a fluid (real or ideal)? (I) Newton's law of viscosity. (II) Newton's second law of motion. (III) The continuity equation. (IV) Velocity of bound
How is M related to N? Statements P, who has only two kids, M and N, is the mother-in-law of Q, who is sister-in-law of N. R, the sister-in-law of M, is the daughter-in-law of S, who has only two
In which type of fluid flow, the velocity of flow of fluid changes from point to point in the fluid at any instant
If cohesion between the molecules of a fluid is more than adhesion between the fluid and glass, the free level of fluid in a dipped glass tube will be

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