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A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant, is called __________ flow
A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is not constant, is called
The ratio of quantity of liquid discharged per second from the pump to the quantity of liquid passing per second through the impeller is known as
Assertion (A): In liquid system the ratio of change in liquid level to change in flow rate is called resistance of liquid flow.Reason (R): In liquid level systems the ratio of change in liquid stored
If the description of function is "input the quantity, validate that the quantity is greater than 1, subtract 1 from the quantity, and print the quantity," the function is
By mixing two qualities of pulses in the ratio 2: 3 and selling the mixture at the rate of Rs 22 per kilogram, a shopkeeper makes a profit of 10 %. If the cost of the smaller quantity be Rs 14 per kg,
A liquid is flowing at 11,400 l.h-1 along a pipeline having a diameter of 4 cm. If the liquid has a density of 1 g.ml-1 and viscosity of 0.001kg.m-1.s-1, then the liquid would be in the

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