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The polythene bottles are used for collecting rain water and. their capacities is
3/5 Part of kerosene tin is filled . If 6 bottles are taken out of it and 3 bottles are filled again, then half the tin is full .What is the capacity of the tin? (in bottles )
Statements: All the bottles are boxes. All the boxes are bags. Some bags are trays Conclusions: Some bottles are trays. Some trays are boxes. All the bottles are bags. Some trays are bags
Statements: Some bottles are drinks. All drinks are cups. Conclusions: Some bottles are cups. Some cups are drinks. All drinks are bottles. All cups are drinks
Assertion:The environmentalists are strongly opposed to the use of polythene bags.RI. Polythene harms land as it never gets decomposed.RII. Polythene bags are not made of natural products
Statements:Cloud is rain.No sugar is salt.Some salt is water.Rain is water.Conclusions:I. Some sugar is not water.II. Some cloud is salt.III. Some water is not sugar.IV. Some sugar is rain
Three bottles of equal capacity have mixture of milk and water in ratio 5 : 7, 7 : 9 and 2 : 1 respectively. These three bottles are emptied into a large bottle. What is the percentage of milk in the
Two identical bottles A and B of sweet drinks contain sugar such that 30% of sugar in A is equal to 40% sugar in B. The ratio of sugar in the two bottles is
Statements:All men are gainsAll bottles are gainsConclusions:I. Some men are bottleII. Some bottles being men is a possibility
All dolls are windows.All bottles are windows.All cars are bottles All cars are windows some cars are dolls some windows are cars Which among the above listed are true

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