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In a two-phase system where the continuous phase remains in place, the gas hold up can be expressed as (where Vs and Vt are the superficial gas velocity and bubble rise velocity)
Suppose you can travel from a place A to a place B by 3 buses, from place B to place C by 4 buses, from place C to place D by 2 buses and from place D to place E by 3 buses. In how many ways can you
The staff reading at a distance of 80 m from a level with the bubble at its centre is 1.31 m. When the bubble is moved by 5 divisions out of the centre, the reading is 1.39 m. The angular value of the
Consider 49 cascaded amplifiers having individual rise time as 2 n sec. 3 n sec. ... 50 n sec. The input waveform rise time is 1 n sec. Then the output signal rise time is given time by (Assume output
Umf is the minimum fluidisation velocity for a bed of particles. An increase in the superficial gas velocity from 2 Umf to 2.5 Umf results in (all velocities are smaller than the entrainment velocity
The interfacial area per unit volume of dispersion, in a gas-liquid contactor, for fractional hold up of gas = 0.1 and gas bubble diameter = 0.5 mm is given by (in m2/m3)

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