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Which of the following items will be attracted to the north pole of a permanent magnet by a magnet force
A material for permanent magnet should have
A cylindrical magnet is kept along the axis of a circular coil. In rotating the magnet about its axis, the coil will have induced in it
A good permanent magnet should produce a high magnetic field with a
Statements No conductor is an insulator.Wood is insulator.Magnet is conductor.Some Copper is not wood.Conclusions:I. Copper is a conductor.II. Some copper is insulator.III. No magnet is wood.IV. Insul
A cylindrical bar magnet is kept along the axis of a circular coil. If the magnet is rotated about its axis, then
Which research centre announced that it was developing the largest magnet of the world? This largest magnet would weigh 50000 tons
A small coil of radius .002 m is placed on the axis of a magnet of magnetic moment 105 JT-1 and lenght .1 m at a distance of .15m from the center of the magnet Find the net force on coil when a curren

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