Boiling point diagram is

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In a pool boiling experiment, the following phenomena were observed. P. Natural convection Q. Film boiling R. Transition boiling S. Nucleate boiling What was the CORRECT sequence of their occurre
Point P is 10m to the West of Point A. Point B is 2m to the South of Point P. Point Q is 6m to the East of Point B. Point C is 2m to the North of Point Q. Which of the following three points fall in a
Boiling point of a solution containing 1 mole of urea in 1 kg of solvent is 373.52. K. Boiling point of the solution containing 1 mole of sodium chloride will be
Enthalpy of vapourization of benzene is 35.3 kJ mol-1 at its boiling point of 80°C.The entropy change in the transition of the vapour to liquid at its boiling point[in JK-1 mol-1] is ______
Trouton's ratio is given by (where λb, = molal heat of vaporisation of a substance at its normal boiling point, kcal/kmol Tb = normal boiling point, °K )
The value of Trouton's ratio (λb/Tb) for a number of substances is 21 (where, λb = molal that of vaporisation of a substance at its normal boiling point, KCal/kg. mole and Tb = normal boiling point,
Boiling point elevation for a strong and concentrated solution is found by Duhring's rule, which states that at the same pressure, the boiling point of a solution is a linear function of the _________

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