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The root locus method, a pole of a transfer function G(s) is the value of s for which G(s) approaches
The open loop transfer function of a unity gain negative feedback control system is given by G(s) = (s2 + 4s + 8)/[s(s + 2)(s + 8)]. The angle θ , at which the root locus approaches the zeros of the
Assertion (A): In root locus the breakaway and break in points either lie on real axis or occur in complex conjugate pairs.Reason (R): All root locus asymptotes intersect on real axis
Which of the following is/are the right way to declare a method?(i) function functionName() { function body }(ii) scope function functionName() { function body }(iii) method methodName() { method body
For a voltage transfer function H(s), realizable by RLC network, the following statements are made H(s) cannot have a pole at s = 0H(s) cannot have a pole at s = ± j4H(s) cannot have a pole at s =
The addition of a pole to the open loop transfer function pulls the root locus
Assertion (A): A slight change in pole-zero configuration can cause only minor changes in root locus configuration.Reason (R): Asymptotes show the behaviour of root loci for |s| >> 1

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