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The phase of colour subcarrier burst in PAL is along the axis at
In some phase detection systems, the phase detector must be allowed for some time to recover from one burst before the next burst is receiving by it. This waiting time is known as ____________
Resultant of forces 10 N along x-axis, 6 N along y-axis and 4 N along negative x-axis is
Assertion (A): The colour signal consists of only luminance signalReason (R): In India PAL colour signal system is used
The colour subcarrier and sidebands produced by its modulation with the chrominance signals are accommodated in the standard channel width by the process of
The subcarrier frequency for transmission of colour difference signals in TV systems in India is
As per the draft Lok Pal Bill, which of the following offices comes under the purview of the Lok Pal

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