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A second horizontal stiffener is always placed at the neutral axis of the girder if the thickness of the web is less than
The thickness of the web of a mild steel plate girder is less than d/200. If only one horizontal stiffener is used, it is placed at
When the depth of a plate girder is at least n times the depth of vertical leg of the flange angles, the girder is known as deep plate girder, if n is
A coin placed on a gramophone record rotating at 33 r. p. m. files off the record, if it is placed at a distance of more than 16 cm from the axis of rotation. If the record is revolving at 66 r. p. m.
If there are 10 positive real numbers n1 < n2 < n3 … < n10. How many triplets of these numbers (n1, n2, n3), (n2, n3, n4), … can be generated such that in each that in each triplet the first numbe
For a vertical stiffened web of a plate girder, the lesser clear dimension of the panel should not exceed :(Where t is the thickness of the web

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