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If the length of an intermediate span of a continuous slab is 5m, the length of the end span is kept
For a continuous floor slab supported on beams, the ratio of end span length and intermediate span length, is
The floor slab of a building is supported on reinforced cement floor beams. The ratio of the end and intermediate spans is kept
A simply supported beam is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of intensity w per unit length, on half of the span from one end. The length of the span and the flexural stiffness are denoted as
A person needs 6 steps to cover a distance of one slab. if he increases his foot length(step length) by 3 inches he needs only 5 steps to cover the slabs length. what is the length of the each slab
A simply supported beam of span L carries a concentrated load W at its mid-span. If the width 'b' of the beam is constant throughout the span, then, when the permissible bending stress is 'f', the bea
If d is the economic designed depth of a slab, the thickness of the cement concrete pavement slab at interior, is kept
If the main reinforcement of the slab is parallel to a T-beam, the transverse reinforcement at mid span of the slab is provided at least ......of main reinforcement
Statement: The integrated steel plants in India would no longer have to depend on imports for continuous casting refractories. Assumptions Continuous casting refractories are needed by India. Cont

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