Strain energy is the

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In a plane strain problem in XY plane, the shear strain = 12 x 10-6, and the normal strain in X and Y direction = 0, For this state of strain, what is the diameter of the Mohr's Circle of strain
Assertion (A): A semiconductor strain gauge is more accurate than a resistance strain gauge.Reason (R): The gauge factor of a semiconductor strain gauge is about 100 where as the gauge factor of a res
Assertion (A): Strain measurement using strain gauge invariably requires a dummy strain gauge.Reason (R): The resistance of strain gauge depends on temperature
A core sample of a rock, having diameter 54 mm and length 108 mm, is subjected to axial loading If the axial strain and Poisson’s ratio are 2000 * 10-6 and 0.28 respectively, the value of volumetric
A single element strain gauge bridge has two fixed resistances R1 and R1 of 120 Ω each and a variable resistance which gives full deflection at 120 Ω for zero strain and 120.6 Ω for straine e. If g
A cylinderical rod subjected to a tensile strain within the elastic limit undergoes a volume change. If the volume strain is equal to half the tensile strain, then the Poisson's ratio of the rod is
Every direct stress is always accompanied by a strain in its own direction and an opposite kind of strain in every direction, at right angles to it. Such a strain is known as
When a thin cvlindrical shell is subjected to an internal pressure, the volumetric strain is (where ε1 = Hoop strain, and ε2 = Longitudinal strain)

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