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In a certain series resonant circuit, VC = 125 V, VL = 125 V, and VR = 40 V. The value of the source voltage is
Assertion (A): A parallel resonant circuit is also called anti-resonant circuit.Reason (R): In a parallel resonant circuit impedance is maximum at resonance
A series resonant circuit has parameters 10 ω, 1 H and 0.1 F. It is excited by a voltage v = 100 sin ωt. At resonant frequency, the power dissipated in the circuit is
A series resonant circuit is fed by a voltage having rms value V. At resonance, the voltage across inductance VL and voltage across capacitance VC are related as
A series resonant band-stop filter consists of a 68 resistor, a 110 mH coil, and a 0.02 F capacitor. The internal resistance, RW, of the coil is 4 . Input voltage is 200 mV. Output voltage is taken ac
In a series resonant circuit Q is more than 10. Then the lower half power frequency ω1, and resonant frequency ω0 are related as
A series resonant circuit has R = 10 Ω, L = 1 μH and C = 1 mF. If R is increased to 20 Ω the resonant frequency
Assertion (A): In a common source amplifier with source terminal at ac ground the voltage gain is about gm rdReason (R): A common source amplifier is a source follower circuit
Suppose a voltage source has an ideal voltage of 15V and a source resistance of 0.2W. For what values of load resistance will the voltage source appear stiff
In a series resonant circuit, the resonant frequency is

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