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Which one of the following is not the intermediate of Kreb's cycle
Some of the nutrient cycles are labelled as below: Sulphur cycle (a), Phosphorus cycle (b), Carbon cycle (c) and Nitrogen cycle (d) Of these, the sedimentary cycle is represented by
Assertion (A): An instruction cycle consists of fetch and execute cycles.Reason (R): Fetch cycle has one machine cycle but execute cycle may have one or more machine cycles depending on length of inst
Assertion (A): Klystron amplifiers use one or more intermediate cavities in addition to buncher and catcher cavity.Reason (R): When one or more intermediate cavities are used the bandwidth can be incr
Otto cycle efficiency is higher than Diesel cycle efficiency for the same compression ratio and heat input because in Otto cycle
For the same heat input & compression ratio, efficiency of Otto cycle is higher than that of diesel cycle, because in Otto cycle
IC (instruction cycle), FC (fetch cycle) and EC (executive cycle) are related as
The first intermediate in TCA cycle is

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