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Assertion (A): If an electron having charge e is revolving in an orbit of radius R and with angular velocity ω, the magnetic dipole moment of orbit is 0.5 eωR2.Reason (R): Orbital angular momentum a
If q is charge on an electron, R is radius of electron orbit and ω is angular velocity of electron rotation, the magnetic dipole moment of electron in orbit is
Assertion (A): The angular momentum of an atom is due to three contributions viz. orbital, electron spin and nuclear spin.Reason (R): The nuclear spin magnetic moment is much more than electron spin m
An electron (charge -e) is rotating in a circular orbit of radius R, around a proton with charge +e at a constant angular velocity ω. The orbital magnetic dipole moment is
The energy required to shift a satellite from orbital radius r to orbital radius 2r is E. What energy will be required to shift the satellite from orbital radius 2r to orbital radius 3r
Assertion (A): CO2 has no resultant dipole moment but CO has a dipole moment.Reason (R): The structure of CO2 is O = C = O

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