The disadvantage of transformer coupling in amplifier is

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Assertion (A): Transformer coupling has the disadvantage of the weight of transformer and Saturation of coreReason (R): Transformer coupling is very suitable for impedance matching
The disadvantage of transformer coupling in amplifier is
A certain amplifier has 600 internal resistance looking from its output. In order to provide maximum power to a 4 speaker, what turns ratio must be used in the coupling transformer
Transformer coupling in transistor amplifier circuits provides high efficiency, because
The main purpose of using transformer coupling in a class A amplifier is to make it more
A 100 kVA transformer has 4% impedance and 50 k VA transformer has 3% impedance when they are operated in parallel, which 6 transformer will reacb full load first
In a synchro transmitter-control transformer, the voltage induced in rotor winding of control transformer is zero when the angular displacement between rotors of transmitter and transformer is
Consider the following: Coupling capacitorEmitter by-pass capacitorEmitter to base diffusion capacitance of the BJTStray capacitance of the circuit. Which of these components in a R-C coupled amplifie
Assertion (A): Electric coupling, magnetic coupling and ground loop can cause unwanted high frequency oscillations.Reason (R): Hartley oscillator uses a tapped inductor
Transformer coupling is mostly used in

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