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Width of the shoulders of carriage way is generally kept
A single lane carriage way whenever changes to two-lane carriage way, is affected through a taper of
A goods carriage of length 2 km, headed to Srinagar from Punjab was running at a speed of 30 Km/hr. it crosses a tunnel which is 58 km long with that speed. Find the time taken by the goods carriage t
A man bought a horse and a carriage for Rs 3000. He sold the horse at a gain of 20% and the carriage at a loss of 10%, thereby gaining 2% on the whole. Find the cost of the horse
If the width of carriage way is 12.5 metres, outer edge 50 cm higher than the inner edge, the required super elevation is
Width of carriage way for a single lane is recommended to be
The minimum cross fall of shoulders is kept
Veins from shoulders, head and arms are joined together to form

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