BFO stands for

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5.In the following problem, '=' stands for '÷' , '+' stands for '­' , 'x' stands for '=', '­' stands for '+' and '÷' stands for 'x'. Find the correct equation
In the following sequence of instructions, 1 stands for Run, 2 stands for Stop, 3 stands for Go, 4 stands for Sit and 5 stands for Wait. If the sequence were continued, which instruction will come nex
BFO stands for
If * stands for 'addition', / stands for 'subtraction', + stands for 'multiplication', and - stands for 'division', then 20 * 8 / 8 - 4 + 2 =
If 'A' stands for '+' , 'B' stands for '-' , 'C' stands for 'x' , what is the value of (10C4)A(4C4)B6 =
Statements:Some hands are legs.All eyes are watchers.All legs are stands.No leg is an eye.Conclusions:I. No stand is a hand.II. Some watchers are not stands.III. Some stands are eyes.IV. All eyes are
Following statements are made on compacted soils, wherein DS stands for the soils compacted on dry side of optimum moisture content and WS stands for the soils compacted on wet side of optimum moistur
A man of height 1.8 m stands in front of large vertical plane mirror. The distance of the image from the man if he stands at a distance of 1.5 m from the mirror is
If p > q and r ' stands for greater than and '<' stands for less than), then which is true
In boolean algebra, the overbar stands for the NOT operation, the plus sign stands for the _____ operation

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