Data dictionary contains detail of

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Data dictionary contains detail of
Statement: "You must learn to refer to dictionary if you want to become a good writer." - A advises B. Assumptions Only writers refer to the dictionary. All writers, good or bad, refer to the dict
Data dictionary is a special file that contains
Two bottles contains mixture of milk and water. First bottle contains 64% milk and second bottle contains 26% water. In what ratio these two mixtures are mixed so that new mixture contains 68% milk
Word 20 contains 40Word 30 contains 50Word 40 contains 60Word 50 contains 70Which of the following instructions does not, load 60 into the Accumulator
Which of the reasons will force you to use XML data model in SQL Server ? a) Your data is sparse or you do not know the structure of the data b) Your data represents containment hierarchy c) Order is

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