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The start or completion of task is called
There are 5 tasks and 5 persons, Task 1 cannot be assigned to either person 1 or person 2, Task 2 must be assigned to either person-3 or person-4 every person is to be assigned one task, In how many w
public class MyRunnable implements Runnable { public void run() { // some code here } } which of these will create and start this thread? A. new Runnable(MyRunnable).start(); B. new Thread(MyRunnable)
A project consists of 150 jobs. The expected completion time for each job is given in days. The project has three critical paths with two jobs in common, J and K. In order to finish the project on
A, B and C can do a piece of work in 36, 54 and 72 days respectively. they started the work but A left 8 days befire the completion of the work while B left 12 days before the completion. The number o
Statement: "If you want timely completion of work, provide independent cabins," - An employee tells the Director of a Company. Assumptions There are not enough cabins. Others' presence hinders tim
A can give B 100 meters start and C 200 meters start in a kilometer race. How much start can B give C in a kilometer race
A, B and C are three contestants in a km race. If A can give B a start of 40 m and A can give C a start of 64 m, how many meter’s start can B give C
Statement: "The function will start at 3 P.M. You are requested to take your seats before 3 P.M." - Last sentence in an invitation card. Assumptions If the invitee is not in his seat before 3 P.M.,
What is the time by which the completion of an activity can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding activities, called

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