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In figure the voltage distribution on a vertical earthed antenna is represented by
In a vertical earthed antenna the base input impedance will be inductive for a height
When the height of a vertical earthed antenna is less than λ/4
Which statement(s) about IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are true An IPv6 address is 32 bits long, represented in hexidecimal An IPv6 address is 128 bits long, represented in decimal An IPv4 address is 32
The INTELSAT-IV satellite launched in 1974 had two earth coverage antenna and two narrower-angle antennas subtending 4.5°. The signal from narrow-angle antenna was stronger than that from earth- cove
A transmission line is feeding 1 watt of power to a horn antenna having a gain of 10 dB. The antenna is matched to the transmission line. The total power radiated by the horn antenna into the free spa
A short vertical grounded antenna is required to radiate at 1 MHz. The effective height of the antenna is 302 m. The calculated value of radiation resistance is
If the gradient of a ground is -3%, that of another ground intersecting with the former is 5%, and the horizontal length of the vertical curve to be drawn is 600 m, then the vertical offset 'e' from t
For a network of distribution pipes of a proposed township shown in the below figure, the layout of distribution system, is

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