A JFET is a

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Assertion (A): A JFET behaves as a resistor when VGS < VP Reason (R): When VGS < VP, the drain current in a JFET is almost constant
Assertion (A): A JFET can be used as a current source Reason (R): In beyond pinch off region the current in JFET is nearly constant
The main disadvantage of a JFET is
Which of the following statement about JFET is correct
As compared to a BJT amplifier circuit, a JFET amplifier circuit
Transconductance characteristics of JFET depict the relation between
From an n channel JFET for VDS constant and if VGS is made more negative, pinch off would occur at
In n channel JFET, the gate voltage is made more negative
Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFET) contain how many diodes
A JFET can operate on

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