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The peak inverse voltage (PIV) for the diode in the give circuit equals ___
The peak inverse voltage (PIV) across a nonconducting diode in a bridge rectifier equals approximately
In a circuit using a full wave converter (M - 2 connection) the PIV of each thyristor is 400 V. For the same output voltage and fully controlled bridge converter, PIV will be
Consider the following statements Impedance of Gunn diode is about tens of ohms.Impedance of Impatt diode is a few ohms.Impedance of Impatt diode are of the same order.Impedance of Impatt diode is mor
The peak output voltage from the circuit in the given circuit equals ___
Assertion (A): Cut-in voltage for Germanium diode is greater than that for silicon diode.Reason (R): Germanium diode has a higher reverse saturation current than silicon diode
In a full wave rectifier circuit using centre tapped transformer, the peak voltage across half of the secondary winding is 30 V. Then PIV is

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