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She was an excellent teacher. She was liked by all her students.(A) Being an excellent teacher she was liked .....(B) She was liked by all her students for .....(C) As she was an excellent teacher she
Statement: "Join X-tuition classes for sure success. Excellent teaching by excellent teachers is our strength." - An advertisement. Assumptions: Sure success is desirable. Students expect sure su
She is now completely cured of her illness. She will soon be discharged from the hospital.(A) Being completely cured of her illness .....(B) Since she is completely cured .....(C) Apart from being cur
He never liked the idea of keeping his wife under his thumb and so he let her do what she liked
Kritika walks 40 metres towards the south. Then turning to her right she rides 30 metres. Then, turning to her left, she rides 50 metres. Again, she turns to her left and rides 30 metres. How far (in
Sheila decides to invest some of her money. She doesn'tlike to take big risks, and she wants to be able to access all of her money at all times. She also doesn' tmind not earning much interest. Sheila
Susan is well liked by her boss because she is very careful with her work

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