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The new principal is a well-read man. He can also speak many languages.(A) Inspite of being a well -read man .....(B) Besides being a well-read man .....(C) The new principal is not only a well-read m
In a  class of 60 students 40% can speak only Hindi, 25% can speak only English and rest cf students can speak both the languages. How many can speak English
In a town 20% of the population speak English, 40% of the remaining speak Telugu, 25% of the remaining speak Tamil. 43,200 speak all other languages. Find the population of the town
20% in a group speak English while 40% speak Hindi. If 80% speak both. Find the people who spoke only English
In a town of 500 people, 285 read Hindu and 212 read Indian Express and 127 read Times of India, 20 read Hindu and Times of India and 29 read Hindu and Indian Express and 35 read Times of India and In
How many persons can speak English and Hindi both the languages only
A selection is to be made for one post of principal and two posts of vice-principal amongst the six candidates called for the interview only two are eligible for the post of principal while they all a
In a town 45% population read magazine A, 55% magazine B, 40% read Magazine C, 30% read magazines A and B, 15% read magazines B and C, 25% read magazines A and C and 10% read all the three magazines.

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