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Mohan spent 25% of his monthly earning on magazines. Out of the banana amount he spent 75% on the hostel and college fees. If he had Rs. 120 at the end of the month, find how much money he has receive
In a town 45% population read magazine A, 55% magazine B, 40% read Magazine C, 30% read magazines A and B, 15% read magazines B and C, 25% read magazines A and C and 10% read all the three magazines.
Ajay spends 45% of his monthly income on household items, 25% of his monthly income on buying cloths, 7.5% of his monthly income on medicines and saves the remaining amount which is Rs. 9000. Find his
Prithvi spent Rs.89,745 on his college fees, Rs 51,291 on Personality Development Classes, and the remaining 27% of the total amount he had as cash with him. What was the total amount
Ten percent of Ram's monthly salary is equal to eight percent of Shyam's monthly salary. Shyam's monthly salary is twice Abhinav's monthly salary. If Abhinav's annual salary is Rs. 1.92 lakhs, find Ra
In a hostel, Food was available for 2000 students for 54 days, but after 15 days more students joined hostel and food lasts only for 20 more days. Determine how many students came in hostel
Ganeshi's monthly income is twice that of Jassi's monthly income. Two-third of Jassi's monthly income is equal to Sukhvinder's annual income is Rs. 2.34 lacs what is Ganeshi's monthly income ? (In som
In which month of the year was Mohan born?I. Mohan was born in winter.II. Mohan was born exactly fourteen months after his elder sister, who was born in October
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