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Which of these operators can be used to concatenate two or more String objects
Which of these is an oncorrect statement? a) String objects are immutable, they cannot be changed. b) String object can point to some other reference of String variable. c) StringBuffer class is used
Which of the following is correct way to convert a String to an int String s = "123"; int i; i = (int)s; String s = "123"; int i; i = int.Parse(s); String s = "123"; int i; i = Int32.Parse(s); Strin
Which of these method of class StringBuffer is used to concatenate the string representation to the end of invoking string
In a C expression using assignment operators, relational operators and arithmetic operators, the hierarchy of operations (in the absence of parenthesis) is
Assertion (A): C allows the use of logical operators, AND, OR, NOT.Reason (R): C has logical operators as well as bitwise operators like AND, OR etc
What will be the output of the program String x = new String("xyz"); String y = "abc"; x = x + y; How many String objects have been created

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