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Consider the following: 1. Right to education. 2. Right to equal access to public service. 3. Right to food.Which of the above is/are Human Right/Human Rights under “Universal Declaration of Huma
Statement: The taste of food contributes to the intake of nourishment which is essential for the survival of human beings. Assumptions Human beings take food for the enjoyment of its taste. Human
Which is the largest human cell
The largest cell in the human body is
In computer In which  MS-Excel say that you want to paste a formula result - but not the underlying formula - to another cell. The procdure is to first copy the cell with the formula, then place the
A dynamic RAM cell which holds 5 V has to be refreshed every 20 ms so that the stored voltage does not fall by more than 0.5 V. If the cell has a constant discharge current of 0.1 pA, the storage capa
Gross Domestic Savings In the Gross Domestic Savings in India largest largest largest
The maximum cell concentration (g l-1) expected in a bioreactor with initial cell concentration of 75 g l-1 and an initial glucose concentration of 125 g l-1 is (Yx/s = 0.6 g cell/g substrate) _______
In plant cells, there is a cell wall outside cell membrane. This cell wall is made up of

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