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The life cycle of a servlet is managed by [A] servlet context [B] servlet container [C] the supporting protocol (such as http or https) [D] all of the above
The life cycle of a servlet is managed by
The include() method of RequestDispatcher [A] sends a request to another resource like servlet, jsp or html [B] includes resource of file like servlet, jsp or html [C] appends the request and response
At what point, precisely, in the life-cycle is a container-managed entity bean considered created
What is sent to the user via HTTP, invoked using the HTTP protocol on the user's computer, and run on the user's computer as an application
_______________ is a Java HTTP (Web) server and Java Servlet container
Which of these is a standard for communicating multimedia content over email? [A] http [B] https [C] Mime [D] httpd
A _________ role is a virtual machine instance running Microsoft IIS Web server that can accept and respond to HTTP or HTTPS requests

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